Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Vacation

Well, the 2006-2007 schoolyear ended yesterday at 3:30pm. We headed from there to piano lessons, which continue through July, only taking August off, then went to the library. The library has a very nice summer reading program with prizes and activities throughout the summer. My girls love to sign up, and more importantly, they love to read. The oldest got three books and is done with 1 and a 1/2 today...so far. The youngest got four and is done with 1 and a 1/2 so far. I got two but am working on these college classes... After the library trip, the girls read for an hour and then we met the hubby for dinner. He had worked late and we wanted to celebrate the end of another wonderful year. The girls both finished with exceptional grades, including the oldest being honored at a school ceremony for a 4.0, so we headed to a local sporting goods store and got them rollerblades. We don't normally get "good grades" gifts, but after an excellent school year and onto summer, we thought it would be fun...and exercise for them.
I have not yet ran today and contemplated not: I have a pain in my back. I don't have this issue normally, but it's making me run awkwardly and uncomfortably. I need to get five miles in today, though. I am looking forward to tackling the ten on Saturday; the double digit mileage is looming large in front of me. Hopefully I don't psych myself out!
Not sure if I mentioned that we're having patio estimates done these last two weeks, had plans presented to us this week and hope to make a decision this Friday. Hopefully... :)
So far, plants in the garden are looking great. Although, the adjustments I made earlier this season, to reduce beetle infestation, have made things look awkward. I am used to full and bright plants, but the first seasons of perennials don't end up that way. They look thin and sparse, even with feeding and watering. It is early summer, so hopefully they will come around. Then in the fall or next spring I can rearrange some things.
That's all for today, onto more class homework. I am almost done with class two!

*note, I didn't get any homework done this afternoon! Some friends called and asked if we'd go to a waterpark. Not like slides and rafting, but a playground, with a waterpad nearby. The waterpad shot out water, filled buckets on poles which then dumped down, and a tunnel with water spraying. The kids loved it and we were there for hours! When they were tired of one park they went onto the other (the playground without water or the pad with water)! We applied and reapplied the sunscreen and they still had lots of fun! :) Hope your summer's going as "sunnily". :)

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