Saturday, June 09, 2007


I am not a fashion diva in any sense of the word. I buy shoes when my current pairs literally are falling apart. Then the new ones are worn down, as well. Except for running shoes. Those I'm good about getting new ones when I reached the "good for your feet" level, at 300-500 miles. I am also not great about accessories to go with outfits or getting new clothes...either I don't do anything special, or I wear the nice ones until their seams fall out or they get holes worn in them. Except running. I have two hats with dri-fit so that they wick the moisture away from your head, and protect from the dreaded sun. :) I also have a few cute outfits, but my hubby got those for me. They are color coordinated and have no holes. :) Today, I splurged... my old ironman watch finally called it quits after years of service, and it's not just a dead battery. It is old, and past its prime. So, I went today after my nine mile run (8:24 per minute average pace-woo hoo), glass of milk, and shower, feeling inspired. :) I got this little beauty:
First, let me say that I got a discount from being in the marathoner in training program, I didn't pay full price! :) Next, I think my husband will tease me if I wear it all the time, but it does match my running shoes and fit so comfortably! :) Anyway, it will be nice to keep time on those long runs and when I don't take the ipod. I looked for some race ready shorts, but they didn't have any. Race ready means there is a little pocket sewn onto the inside of the waist band so you can take gu, or something like it with you, without having to wear a pouch or belt. During my first marathon, I didn't eat anything and that was not smart. This year I'm introducing some things into my training sessions to get used to them before the marathon. I am not a big fan of the synthetic gu's because of their textures...well I wasn't on 2005...I got a few of them just to try, but I also got some energy beans which are like jelly beans and some other chews which are like gummy bears. My next long run is on Saturday: 10 miles, so I will take one and try it!
Other news: The kids are sooo excited about summer vacation: Monday's the last day of school! The husband is at a local conference this weekend for his work. I am working on my classes online (um, except when I was running, going to the running store and blogging...) The weather is beautiful and the girls are washing my car-for fun! :) Hope your weekend goes great!


momo said...

good job on treating yourself a little.

i wear the "roller girl" skirt from when i run, and it has two pockets and its the most comfortable thing i've ever worn to run in. maybe give that a try.

gu is hard to get used to, but i swear by it now, you definitely need the carbs and the calories to help your body during a marathon.

Isabelle said...

Re your wonderbox: when Daughter 1 was small - 4 or 5 - she asked me why the sky was blue. Being a humble English teacher, I really didn't know, so asked my dad, who was a scientist. And he told her, but the explanation was really quite complicated. Do you know a simple answer?