Thursday, May 24, 2007

In a Moment

In a moment...I have returned from dropping our youngest at basketball camp. She has had it all week and was ecstatic to go!
In a moment...I will go to the last band concert for my oldest, this school year. She has her first solo on her double horn. I can't believe these two girls will be done with school in less than a month!

A friend called and her father-in-law had died. He'd been in and out of the hospital with coughing up blood and no one had checked his lungs for cancer. In a short time, after finding the tumor, he was gone. We never know how many moments we have.

In a moment, tempers can flare and frustrations rise... The siding manufacturer sent us a letter denying responsibility or defect... so my husband called and said "so, what good is the warranty and what DO you cover??"

In a moment the kids grow up, move into summer vacation after finishing yet another grade level, and fit into my shoes and clothing. It's unbelievable how fast it flies by...


Isabelle said...

Yes, life is short indeed. (Not a very profound statement. But I've been grading papers all evening.)

momo said...

you're so right, life is short, and you realize it as you see your kids grow and as your friends and loved ones pass away. the key is to try to enjoy each day, not in fear of what is to come, but just living in the minute of each day. thanks for the reminder.... :-)