Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Treadmill and Grandma

YEAH! My treadmill finally arrived yesterday, and my wonderful hubby and oldest daughter put it together last night. I got home from youngest daughter's basketball practice and it was put together. I walked half a mile on it last night and then ran two miles on it this morning. It was so great! I love it. I am contemplating another run tonight! Just a little one. :) I have last month's Runner's World magazine to peruse while I'm running-to inspire me, too. :) Although, this morning's experience convinced me that my thighs have gotten a tad chunky and I have gotten out of shape very quickly. It's true what they say: it takes you half as long to get out of shape as it does to get in shape. If it takes me four weeks to get back into running shape, it takes me two to lose it. Yuck. Anyway, I informed my hubby last night that I was training for October's marathon, again, and he is unsure I will have the time...Although, now I have a treadmill. I can run anytime! :) A two hour run at four am? No problem. ;) Ok, maybe not anytime, I do value my sleep! :)
On other fronts, for the first time, we have allowed our girls to watch American Idol. It's on past their bedtimes, but we compromise and extend their bedtime a bit: the youngest goes to bed at 8 and the oldest is in bed at 8, but reads until 8:30. So, we let them stay up until 9. Idol isn't over until later, but they get to see who they missed on the "recap". We aren't good singers, but enjoy critiquing the contestants on the show. :) The girls have their favorites and hate to miss it.
Tonight I am heading to church, again, to make calls to members. My job is to tell them who I am, then ask if they have any informational changes, prayer concerns, concerns about our church or anything else they'd like the church staff to be informed of. Last week it took me an hour and a half to contact fifty people/families, and I enjoyed talking to the many people.
I sub again this Thursday and Friday, in the same classroom both days, for kindergarten. It's a class I've never subbed for before, but a teacher I know and respect will be right next door in the connecting kindergarten room for the morning.
Yesterday, I finished cataloging all my children's books into library thing. Phew! :) Now, I am ready for them to be used in a classroom!! :)
I am about to begin reading "In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing" by Bob and Lee Woodruff with my husband. It just sounds like a wonderful book! I will let you know after I've read it.
We headed to my husband's grandparents' this past weekend. His paternal grandmother has had some health issues, leading up to not remembering her sons, being belligerent at the hospital and having to be put in a 24hour care nursing home. At first her doctors thought it was a stroke or a series of strokes, then Alzheimer's, but they still weren't sure. They then thought possibly a deficit of potassium. Well, when she arrived at the nursing home, she was in a wheelchair and couldn't get up on her own. A week later, when we saw her this weekend, she remembered all four of us, the girls' grades at school, even and could walk by herself to the lobby and back! It was an amazing recovery thus far, and hopefully it continues. She was in excellent spirits and seemed very tenacious, and positive, to leave this nursing home "asap"! :) Her physical therapy (an hour a day for arms and leg strength and dexterity, as well as to regain better balance)has done wonders, and she really likes the man who gives her therapy for her legs. She says he's nice and funny. :) To "inform" (because my hubby is a very linear thinker and likes blogs to be for the world to share information :)) here are links about Alzheimer's Disease and potassium deficit.
That is all of my information for today. I hope you are well, reader.


Molly said...

Yours sounds like a full and very busy life! Glad the G'ma is feeling better. It's no fun growing old it it means you turn into someone you aren't.

Isabelle said...

Oh, hello, Molly!

That treadmill sounds good. I've been tempted to get one but they take up so much space. American houses are big, I know, but Scottish houses are not so big. Edinburgh is a very expensive place to live and land is precious.

Glad your family's health is improving.

momo said...

you are one busy lady! i agree, i think the treadmill is going to be a good thing for you. my daughter and son love american idol, we watch it as a family together - it's on a little earlier here - at 7, so they usually get through most of it. my daughter tells me she's going to be on american idol someday - keep your ears open for her... in about 2012! :-)

jkhenson said...

Hello, Molly, Momo and Isabelle! I've been checking out your blogs and am so happy to see your latest posts! We are healthy here. And I've run (run or ran?)on the treadmill8 of the last 9 days!! I feel like I'm getting back in shape and it's so nice! The treadmill deck can be lifted up, Isabelle, so it doesn't take up as much space when not in use, f.y.i. :)Hope you're all well.
And Momo, what a moving piece about your mom!