Sunday, February 18, 2007

On the mend

The family is now on the mend...hopefully! I mentioned that both of our girls weren't feeling too great. My youngest had the pink eye and the flu, then our oldest had "a bug" and then the flu last week. Two to three days ago, my husband came down with the flu. I have taken care of them all, woken up in the night with all of them, and thought I was cruising along. Then late morning today, I began to get the headache that my husband started with. I was supposed to go with them to a local college basketball game, as a family, but stayed home and slept a bit instead. I disliked not being with them, but they had a good time without me. And I got the rest I needed to begin to feel better, although I am not feeling great, yet. As you know, I like to "inform" in my blogs, my husband suggests blogs are for information, here is an article on how to stop the spread of germs and keep you from getting the germs while you care for others:
I am so happy that my family is feeling better.

I'm very thankful, too, that my husband is ok. He was in an accident last week. He stopped at a red light, second in line, leaned ahead to change the radio and that was when the car behind him ran into the back of him. There was little or no visible damage on any of the three cars, thankfully, and the lady who hit my husband was very apologetic. My husband thought she was probably distracted: she was in her pajamas, hurrying to get her kids to school, with a dog loose in the car. Thankfully everyone was ok, no airbags were deployed and my husband went on to work. When he called, the tone of his voice made my stomach drop and my heart jump into my throat.

I am subbing this week, and am excited about it! It's a fifth grade class I've subbed for previously, but it was back in November. I know that fifth graders gradually change throughout the schoolyear, so I'm interested to see their changes since I was there last. I've noticed that some students who have waved, and said hello when they've seen me at school, have lately looked around to see who is looking before they wave. :)

I also have to attend church on the same day, well, in the evening, to make calls to our current members. I look forward to making the calls. I have to go to the church to make the calls. I'm not sure what I need to say, but I do know I call current members.

We have had interesting weather these last few weeks. I mentioned in a previous post that we had had no snow days/weather days in three years. A few weeks ago, we had four. Last week we had two. Snow coming in is flurries today, but those should stop this weekend...but the girls have tomorrow off due to President's Day. So, another break/three day weekend. It's nice to be home with my girls. I will be baking cookies with/for them tomorrow if I don't have the full blown flu! :) I'm leaning towards oatmeal scotchies or chocolate chip cookies! See the recipes below and have a great week!
Oatmeal Scotchies:
Chocolate Chip Cookies:


Isabelle said...

Hope you're feeling better.

I wonder why your husband thinks blogs are for information? They're really not! They're for whatever one wants: chat, comment, opening windows on other lives, ranting... and information too, if that's what's wanted. His view seems to me a very male one! However, your information is always interesting.

jkhenson said...

Glad to hear from you, Isabelle! :) My husband is a very linear thinker, and one who desires very much information. He searches blogs for information, and considers them a good "informing tool". :) I follow a bit of his school of thought, and my own, as well. :) Hope you and yours are well.