Thursday, February 01, 2007


This week, I signed up for my first class to renew my teaching license, which expires in August. If I let it expire, I will have to take standardized tests again to get a new one, or I can just take a few classes (6 semester hour or 9 quarter hour credits) to renew before August. Teaching full time helps to renew, as well as teacher work days/conferences and workshops. The first class I'm taking is classroom computer integration. I'm looking forward to it.
Also, this week, I updated my resume, which hadn't truly been done in years. It was fun, and nerve-wracking all at once. Fun because of new possibilities I could imagine. Nerve-wracking because I haven't taught, aside from subbing in ten years. My husband told me I should post the resume on the blog, but I thought that would oppose my theory of trying to be "anonymous" without locators, and I don't need criticism from people I don't know! :) It makes me nervous enough for him to look at it! :) I will be a wreck when prospective employers look at it! :)
I just keep thinking over how much my girls need me, how much we still talk, how I will lose those things when I leave for work super early, and work into the afternoon or evening if I get a full time job. I worry that I won't be here for them as much I need to be. I know they're both in school all day and don't need me as often, but when they come home, that's when they need me, to tell me about their day, talk about what's bothering them, or concerning them. I don't want to miss out on those things and have them get into trouble or feel like we're not there for them. My husband says it will all work out, that we love our girls and will always work to be here for them. And I love teaching kids! It truly has been my life's goal and purpose, after being a good mother and wife. But, is it the right time, yet? I just keep praying that I'm guided by the One-who-loves-us into the right direction, and that I can hear Him in my decision.
On a different note, my oldest has, very unusually requested staying home and a doctor's appt. today. She says she can't swallow and has gone back to bed. Often, when I ask her if she feels bad enough to stay home and see a doctor, she says no and is fine by the time she has to walk to the bus. Today she was not. So, another trip to the doctor instead of having morning tea with a dear friend of mine, which saddens me, as I don't see her often enough. :) Hopefully, the doctor has appointments today and isn't totally booked! :)
Saturday, if everyone is healthy, the girls will be staying with my husband's parents and we'll be heading to the chili cook-off! Last year, we took venison chili-see previous posts, but this year we're taking "taco soup" and making it a chili. I will post the recipe soon.
That's all for today. I hope life is treating you well, dear reader.


momo said...

hey. thanks so much for visiting my blog!

i think renewing your teaching license is a great idea, it keeps your options open. i remember when i was a kid, my mom went back to work when i was a senior in highschool! it was such a shocker to me, i was so used to her being there all the time. i know your girls will adjust, but they might be a little sad for awhile, especially if they're used to you being there all the time. teaching would be great - it'd allow you to have the summers off with them and to share somewhat of the same schedule. good luck in your search!

btw - i was reading below and you said your daughter turned 12 on the 23rd, my son turned 12 on the 15th. crazy how they grow so fast, isn't it??

Donna said...


Way to go renewing your license. You will make a wonderful teacher! Your girls, I am sure, will make it a positive experience. Loved seeing you yesterday - it always brightens my day to share a cuppa with you!