Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Midnight Illness

We had, for the first time in 2 to 3 years, two days off from school, due to the bitter cold temps. So, Monday and Tuesday here, just the girls and I, was fun, just hanging out, and then snow started last night. We were all hopeful that the weather would be fun enough to play in today, and just a tiny bit hopeful, but realistically doubtful, that there would be another day off.
At 2am, my youngest began her bout with the flu. This continued until about 4:30am. In between two bouts, I ran to the local grocery at 3am. There were no customers, which is unusual for our all grocery that is open 24 hours. There were quite a few shelf stackers from multiple companies, though. Anyway, I picked up gatorade, sprite, saltines, ritz type crackers, pretzels and bread. The foods and drinks the kids have when they're sick. At 4:30, I fell into bed exhausted, with school still not closed. I was supposed to sub today, so I called the school and left them an apologetic message that our girl had the flu and I'd be staying home with her. At 6 they canceled school due to the snow and roads not being cleared. We probably could've done with a two hour delay, but it worked best for us. Thank the Lord for little blessings. So, we three girls stayed home fighting germs, getting in a little nap. So far, no bouts in the bathroom for my little girl, thankfully, and hopefully that is it! :) Fingers crossed!


Donna said...

Hope everyone is feeling better.. The snow day was a blessing in disguise for you all. I ended being called yesterday to sub the rest of this week. So much for an easy week!
Take care dear friend!

Isabelle said...

I too hope the family is restored to health. Hmmm, two days off school with snow. I suppose you must be somewhere with a continental climate, the Mid-West, maybe? Here in Scotland we have a light dusting of snow today for the first time this winter but, alas, we're still at work.

jkhenson said...

Thank you, both. Everyone is feeling well today, and hopefully it stays that way! :) Today, we are off school, too, as with Monday and Tuesday, it is for the bitter cold temps! Still -17 when the wind blows. The snow is still beautiful, and sent three deer to my feeders two nights ago. It was a beautiful sight!