Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Talk About Family Tuesday-More Gram

I know I've talked about my spunky grandmother-my mom's mom-before. She has been on my mind and heart a lot lately, still, so I will again today. We went to visit with her when we were there for Thanksgiving. She called me "Sweetie" like she didn't remember my name. She recognized me, and looked at my husband like she thought she should know him but didn't. It was sad to see her memory continuing to fail. I asked if she had had any visitors and she told me that her deceased sister came to see her. My mom said that they visited her last week. She seemed less lethargic, as if she were not in so much of a daze, but still so confused. The dementia continues to creep in and steal little nuggets of her memory. I know it is even harder for my mom to watch. Gram hugged me goodbye when we visited. I told her I'd come by again and she she took my hand and wouldn't let it go. It's hard to see her like that-in a nursing home, where people are on their way to the end of their lives. It's heartbreaking, especially knowing her earlier in her life, how much she loved coming to our house to visit, content just to spend time with us. That's how I choose to see her in my mind...

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