Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Job

I have mentioned in a few posts that I have a new job. I have mentioned in a few posts some simple moments that led to my changes in my job. Here I am collecting those moments and combining them to tell the story. At this time over the last two years, I was a part-time middle school Social Studies teacher. I enjoyed it, loved the staff and students, and kept busy. I enjoyed my job. Then, last spring, my husband asked if I could see myself doing this job "forever". We discussed what else I might be doing: getting my certification and teaching Social Studies in a public school with 30 kids in each class, staying in the same setting, or trying for the full time elementary school teaching position I had desired all these years. I prayed on it and thought over it.
I came to the conclusion that I wanted a full time job, to contribute to our oldest daughter's college costs. I had always felt I was better at teaching elementary school, but was always told that I needed that "classroom experience" before I would be hired. I applied for every job under the sun in a 40 minute radius of us. I applied for any job I was certified for. And I was never called. So, my husband and I discussed that I needed to sub this year and get my name and face back out there. I went through the local subbing training again, as required. They said it would be a week or so before my information was put into the system, but they really needed subs so it shouldn't be too long. It ended up taking over a month! 
During this waiting period my husband's grandfather passed away. A chaplain did the service, even providing a short story for the little children in attendance. As we drove away my husband mentioned that he could see me becoming a chaplain. I was surprised, considering my faithful/service gift to only be with children, Sunday School and the like. He said he considered me warm with everyone. I prayed on it. We also discussed what doors I should close and open toward my future. I was feeling like the house that had been on the market for too long-there may be nothing wrong with it but people won't buy it because they wonder what is wrong with it. I had received many reference letters, and recommendations, votes of confidence from administrators, staff and parents that I had worked with over the last almost ten years. However, that job had just eluded me for so long... 
I was also in touch with an administrator who told me I was first on his list, etc. etc. Then he got me confused with my sister in law and called her for a long term substitute job. It worked out well for her. And in that time, I decided to clear my plate completely, to step away from teaching and see where it led me. 
I went into our church to discuss with them the chaplain program. I talked with someone from the Care Ministry division and she said she'd keep me updated. About a week later she called and said they were saying they were thinking about creating this funeral coordinator position since three-four people were all doing parts of it, would I be interested. I said I'd come in and talk with them about it. Then, over the next week and a day, our church held three funerals. Each were different, and required different things, and I got to be part of each, learning all I could. I took the job and am our church's new funeral coordinator. I am blessed to be able to help families in their times of sadness and need, giving them care and comfort. I truly feel it is a blessing-not once did I wonder if this job was really for me. I felt like it fit perfectly and made my heart full. I get nervous of course, because I want it all to go smoothly.
It's not the full time job I thought I was looking for. It does pay me, which is a blessing. Beginning this month I will also be leading a Bible Study for 8 weeks and beginning the chaplain program which will last until spring.
I cleared my plate and truly feel that God began to place items on it. I wonder what awaits me next!


Molly said...

So. There was a plan for you all along. This gives me hope that, eventually, everyone finds their niche in life. So happy for you. I'm sure you'll be a great comfort to people who've lost someone they love.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Jen -- this sounds like the perfect position for you -- where you can show people how much you care for them. I know you'll do a wonderful job!