Monday, July 08, 2013

Day 8 Thankful July 2013

I am thankful for technology. It has been useful to me in many ways. First, it keeps me in touch with my family near and far, even amidst busy schedules. I can see photos of friends, and family, keep up with people who have moved like old neighbors. We have some old neighbors who lived next door for 12 years. Then they moved and we hardly see them, but can see updates of their family through Facebook. My grandfather, my 79 year old grandfather, likes to pop up messages saying hello. I appreciate it very much. We got to see he, and my parents, this weekend. It was such a nice visit. Other technology I do, or will, appreciate: texting with my girls, skyping with my nieces, radar to plan my runs, my Garmin watch that tracks my speed and distance for my runs, educational websites where I can search for new lesson plan ideas or activities/video clips for my students... the list goes on. One piece of technology I enjoy is blogging, too! I hope you are well, Reader. What are your favorite aspects of technology?

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Isabelle said...

Blogging and email.

I don't like Skype so much because it makes me so sad that my daughter isn't here. I can see and hear her but it just makes things worse.