Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Day 3 Thankful July 2013

I am so thankful for my home. We moved into it in May of 2000. We had it built and to see it come up from a muddy hole in the ground to where we sit, now, was a fun process. It's funny perspective. We had signed our contract and they broke ground in November of 1999. It seemed like such a long process of choosing things, trimming items so it fit our budget, waiting for bad weather to subside. I was so anxious to move in. Then once we did, the school district said our daughter would be going to a different elementary school than we thought for kindergarten. I was so frustrated; she would have to be bussed past three other elementary schools to get to her school. I fumed. I called principals, etc. Turned out to be a blessing. My sister in law worked there, and our daughter had a very caring staff at her school. And two years later a school was built just a block from our home. It all worked out fine. I'm thankful for the neighborhood that surrounds our home. We have so many kind neighbors, trees and nature that I love. It's hard to believe we have lived in this home for 13 years.

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