Friday, March 01, 2013

March 1, 2013 52 Lists

Wow, it's already March and heading into the 9th week of the year! I shouldn't be surprised that time is seemingly passing faster. Trying something new. I saw it on Ali Edwards' blog and Stephanie Howell's blog. It's called 52 lists. So, I started it. I was late to the party, but I am working on it, catching up, anyway. I made myself a little paper titled "52 Lists" in a cute font and numbers 1-25 on the side (I'm not sure if they encourage more/less? 25 seemed to fit nicely on my page.) I print one out for every week and write the theme in the top corner. After I finish it I sign my initials and the date at the bottom. So far the themes are: words that touch your soul, greatest comforts, things you should be proud of, current/future goals/dreams, what you're grateful for, the ways you can love others, things that make you feel healthy mind/body/soul, and (the one I still have to do) favorite albums. I think it's a fun idea to encourage me to write/journal. I think I will put them into our Project Life album, maybe... Might be fun for my regular bloggy friend/readers to try, too.

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