Sunday, April 03, 2011

List of Awesome

Last week Cathy Zielske's blog talked about a list of Awesome. I thought it was an interesting list, like our thankful feathers around Thanksgiving. I've been working on keeping a "gratitude list" here on my desk, so I can write things down when I think of them, also seeing those positives. I have been putting some thought into my list. I have 36 items, since my 36th birthday is this month.

My April List of Awesome

1.My family(I am so lucky God put these three amazing people in my life/home!)
2.Sunshine (I say as a little peeks through the clouds, in July I will move rain to my gratitude list! :))
3.Photos, camera
4.My job (I love teaching children, and it's not a conventional classroom, but I get to interact with children everyday and see many of them learn as we work together)
5.My faith and my church
6.This blog (I have met many interesting people through posts and comments, made friends from far away.)
7.Morning Bible reading time (My husband and I have gotten up each morning since March 6 and quietly read our Bibles. The house is quiet, the coffee is hot and I like interacting with God before life speeds up.)
8.My extended family and in-laws (So lucky to have a good relationship with them all.)
9.My turquoise office room (I can scrapbook, read, write, type, and create here. Thankful my husband relocated his computer to another room, so I could make this room my own.)
10.A good night's rest
11.Music (I like all kinds, but the other day I heard some Bach and played some Yo-Yo-Ma, as well as my contemporary Christian and felt happy. :))
12.Hugging my kids-and getting hugs back! :)
13.A husband who is an involved dad that goes to far away track meets in the cold, rainy weather
14.Being able to run, the feeling running gives me, especially when the goal I've set has been accomplished
15.Nicely worded rejection letters (they seem less like a “no” and more like a “maybe later”)
16.Good books (well written and books that are just fun, fast reads)
17.The Bible
18.My new purse (I'm not usually a purse or shoe person, except running shoes, but I got a purse/bag last week that fits everything in a nice, organized manner, and it is wonderful!)
19.Birds, the birds chirping, welcoming spring
20.Coffee (homemade, Starbucks, warm, cold, any kind. :))
21.Drawing a bath for my daughter after a long, cold track meet(ten hours in the cold and rain, running and cheering on her teammates, and I got to make her a warm bubble bath to soak and recharge in.)
22.Painting my younger daughter's nails (she liked the way I did mine, so I got to paint hers, too)
23.Getting my younger daughter a hot chocolate at Starbucks after her cold, wet, muddy soccer practice (It's fun just to do nice, surprising things for them. :))
24.Trying new recipes (my favorite way to cook)
25.Freezing meals ahead, and pulling them out for dinner after a busy day
26.Warm showers on weekends that aren't rushed like weekdays
27.Afternoon naps on the weekends, especially during rain
28.Inspirational bulletin boards
29.Organized closets!
30.The positive feeling of hope
32.Friends who wonder how we are, or send cards when they read of sad times on the blog/Facebook
33.Sending mail
34.Receiving mail
35.Birthdays and annivesaries
36.Completed to-do lists

What's on your list of awesome? :)


Molly said...

That's a wonderful list! Good reminder to emphasize the positives in life and try to endure the rest without complaint!

Isabelle said...

Ah, my awesome list is kind of short since the kids went away. Hope to get back my cheerfulness some time but it's been away for a while now. Still, it's nice to read about someone else's!