Saturday, April 02, 2011


I saw two posts in the last few days that looked like good breakfast ideas, so I thought I'd share (haven't gotten to the organization chore for today).

Real Simple had breakfast smoothie ideas:
I thought the pumpkin sounded good for fall, the carrot pineapple sounded refreshing, the kale apple was beautiful-although I'm not sure what kale tastes like... and strawberry flax would be the first one I'd like to try. Not sure about the spinach grape and coconut...

Since I was on my freeze ahead kick this week, this food your way blog post piqued my interest with freeze ahead breakfasts. I am thinking I'd like to make the pumpkin pancakes, scones, oven french toast, and I have made strawberry bread and frozen it before. Are you hungry yet? I am! :)) Have a great day!

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Michael said...

Love this post, and today's! Great tips and recipes...thanks!