Monday, January 10, 2011

Progress 1/12/11

*I have written in my journal from 1/3/11 through today. 9 days of writing! :)
*I have done the newspaper sudoku almost everyday, too. Not saving the world, but makes my brain feel fresh to do that instead of sit in front of Facebook.
*Still no Starbucks; either coffee at home or nothing.
*I have ran almost everyday, also, which is good, although I've been in a rut the past few days, worn out. I'm still logging everything on and have shoveled snow the last few days, too, which is a good calorie burner! :) Although I have snacked a few evenings... which is not the progress I need...
*I am over halfway through my Scrapbook Mystery book, since I've been reading.
*I have been reading my Bible, also. We started a study on Daniel for our life group. Hopefully I continue reading this section with zeal-I have lost momentum with the past few assignments... Someone in our group this past week mentioned a quote similar to this one: "that man must first see the face of God before he could undertake any duty", each day, found here, and it has been nice the few mornings I have prayed and shared my thoughts and feelings with God before my day and school day begin.
*Having set a goal in April not to buy scrapbook supplies, I have done well with that progress, as well, until this week, when I bought a scrapscription kit and have my eye on other items that I'm struggling mightily to resist. :) April-December was good progress, not buying new supplies, as well as finishing three photo albums with scrapbooked notes to each of our grandparents-I have one more to finish for one other set of grandparents.
I think that is all the progress I have made thus far. :) Hopefully these things add up to my growth into the positive person I want to be. :) I hope your week is going positively, Dear Reader.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- Good For You Jen! That's a wonderful list of accomplishments!