Monday, June 22, 2009


I haven't posted in a while... I was caught up in the busy activities of life! :) The summer vacation seems to be speeding by, but things have gotten done, too. :)
Running: I have kept up with the marathon training schedule very well, until the long run this weekend. I had family here Friday and Saturday, so I didn't get to the 11 scheduled. I tried to run it yesterday, but the only time I had was in the heat of the day... it was 85 and very humid. I ran 6 miles alone and then my husband was going to join me... When I grabbed some water at home, after the 6, I was very hot and not feeling too well. We started out for our last loop and I felt very ill, even sporting goose bumps on my arms! When that happens, you're way too hot, so the rest of the run was scrubbed for the day. I was broken-spirited, but my husband reminded me that I'm doing this for fun, not to hurt myself and it's important to listen to your body... so glad he was there as I walked the last little bit home.
Family: My parents came to visit this weekend! We had a wonderful time! At the local convention center there was a sewing gathering (actually, quilting, Thimbleanna and Molly! :)) and my mom is an avid quilter, so we went and walked-A LOT! :) We saw many finished quilts/competition entries, and many vendor booths. I bought some things... not quilting things, mind you, as I am not an accomplished seamstress like my mom. I bought some supplies to scrapbook with! :)
My husband had his birthday week, as I had mentioned previously, and I saved all the photos, notes and mementos, as well as a new letter from the two daughters and I, and compiled them into a "birthday week" album for Father's Day. Very fun. I hope he likes it. He seemed to when he opened it.:)
The two girls are enjoying summer break, although the oldest daughter is taking summer PE (summer gym class) so that it will free up a study hall for her next year. Otherwise, she'd have had band class and gym class, with no study hall (time to get work done, questions answered at school).
Our youngest and I have plans for some tennis and other fun things while the oldest is away at class. We have had some fun, so far! :)She has read like crazy, entering the summer reading program at the local library (a tradition of ours), already finishing the second recording sheet! She's found some great new books, and been inspired to write a book of her own, with chapters! :)
Home: I have gotten a lot of "chores" done in the almost-two weeks we've had off like cleaning under all the bathroom and kitchen sinks/in the cupboards, finished sealing the grout around the new tile and washing them down once more, cleaning and organizing two closets and our pantry, catching up on the laundry-really catching up like washing all our bed comforters and shower curtains, too!
Reading... I haven't read much at all, other than scrapbook idea magazines, but plan on it! :)
Blogs: I have been to some new and interesting sites lately:
The Simple Woman's Daybook
Apple + Orange
Creative Organizing-I especially liked this post about Finish-It-Friday, which inspired some of my tasks above! I plan on working on something every Friday!
Teaching jobs: I have applied for several, have either heard nothing or rejection on many of them, thus far. Frustrating, but still hopeful, and will wait and see...
Today: I am going to rearrange the furniture in the living room and my den. It's been in the current plan for a while, and the living room really needs a new plan! I also need to tend to the paper file/pile on my desk. I've kept up with the bills, but the "look at later" pile has grown too large!
That is all for now. I hope your week goes smoothly and positively! :)


Juls said...

You are one busy, busy lady.

Molly said...

Since you have so much energy, when 're finished there, come here! I've got windows that need washing, weeds pulling, tiles scrubbing....should I go on? Oh, and bring your tennis racket so we can play some tennis when you're all done!

Isabelle said...

Oh you're so energetic. I'm lost in admiration. But then, you're a lot younger than I am...