Monday, May 18, 2009


Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. :) It just seems that way when reading my posts, or lack thereof. :)
I officially started my marathon running today. I ran a nice paced four miles. And felt great after! :) Looking forward to being able to run all summer, hopefully, and to breaking four hours in October.
I have worked in my front perennial garden, adding some foxglove, which I didn't think I would have liked, in years past. I love it, and its placement is perfect. We also got a load of soil that helped the appearance and health of the plants, as well. We built our first garden box for vegetables this year. I always wish I'd planted one, but never take the time to do so. This year my husband made a box over Mother's Day weekend, that is 12 x 8, I think. And a couple feet high. I have cherry and grape tomatoes, big tomatoes, green sweet peppers and jalapeno peppers. I have cilantro and two hills; one for cucumbers and one for zucchini. I also have a pot on the patio with basil, cilantro and parsley. I hope it all fairs well. I have fond memories of my dad planting the garden, letting me help, and getting yummy tomatoes fresh from the garden! I loved to go out and look at it with him. I hope my girls have that same fun with me this summer. :)
Wine: I tried a new wine this week: Pinot Noir. I knew I liked red wines, but hadn't ventured outside of what I knew I liked. Then my in laws came over for Mother's day and brought some. It was very nice, smooth. I did know, however, that I liked malbecs, having learned about them for a wine party we had here once. I found that malbec was my favorite red. I tried a new one tonight: Terrazas de los Andes 2006. It was very good.
Teaching: My teaching is going well. I am learning so much. The staff there has helped me out when I've asked, the kids are adjusting and treating me more like their teacher, as opposed to a substitute teacher. :) I am enjoying it, now, just like I did the last two long-term jobs I've had. I just pray God has a full time job for me in the fall. I've heard it's going to be sparse job-wise, locally. I put a lot of energy into my jobs, so I haven't had much time to update the blog, or read the blogs I love like In This Life or Thimbleanna, lately.
Mother's Day: I hope all of you mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day! I certainly did! I received a Starbucks latte, and warm krispy kremes in bed (I'm not usually a huge fan of the extra sweet doughnuts, but warm, with my coffee, they were delectable!)I got gifts of lotion and chocolates! I enjoy chocolate, but haven't received it for a Mother's Day gift before. My husband and children got me a box of specially selected dark chocolates from the store in our local mall. They have been delicious!! I have eaten one about every other day. Yum! Good thing I'm running! :)
The weather is finally turning out to be nice, probably for about a week or so before it gets too hot! :)
Books: I'm reading the Food Guide for Marathoners, Nightmare at the Book Fair (which I'm reading to my class), and that is all I have had time to read since I've spent so much time grading and planning! :)
In the last month: Since I wrote last, we took a trip to Philadelphia, PA, and saw important parts of our nation's history, like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Ben Franklin's home site, Betsy Ross's home, and other really interesting things! We had a really nice time! We have also been to several soccer games, track meets, and other kid friendly activities. :) I have enjoyed it, and this spring. Just sitting here feeling thankful for our family, our health, our friends, church and town... Just feeling very blessed. How about you? I hope you're enjoying that blessed feeling as you read this. Have a good week, Reader. :)

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