Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Again, my training slacked off so much that I am not doing the half marathon or full this coming weekend. I started the summer with big goals, but it didn't result in what I had hoped. This is a disappointment. I just knew that if I tried it, knowing that I hadn't run ten or more miles in over a month, that I wouldn't be able to do a job I was happy with. And I'd missed discounted registration prices so I would've had to pay 80 dollars... for a race I wasn't sure about. So, now I'm (yep, the title) disappointed.
In other news, Friday is a teacher work day, so I have a whole day to get prepared for the rest of my time in the class, organize, etc. Should be a productive day. I have been making a list of things to accomplish. I've implemented some new center ideas, so that has been fun. The kids are still great, and I still love the job. People are now asking me "what is next after this?" I do not have anything lined up and I worry about that. We'll see.
I must go now and prepare for the day.
Oh, I like "quiet music" for when the students should be quiet, so I found "Mozart for the Mind" on itunes, downloaded it, and made a cd for the classroom. It is great music! :) Just thought I'd share. :)
Hope you, Reader, are well.


Molly said...

Sorry you're not running as you'd hoped to! Maybe you can shoot for another, later in the year, or early next? Any chance that, having your foot in the door as a sub, you might have a chance at a full time position at your school?

Isabelle said...

Well, some of the rest of us just have to live with the knowledge that we're not running a marathon next week either. I don't know how I'll cope...

Sorry for you, though. I'm sure you'll get back to it.

It's lovely to read of your enthusiasm for teaching. The children are very lucky.

momo said...

i know something will pop up for you. don't worry!

i'm sorry too about the marathon, but it was a good decision if you haven't run much lately. you don't want it to hurt - you want to enjoy the experience! that's what is important.