Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Day

Yesterday was the marathon day. It passed, friends of mine did well. I ran 5 miles. My legs are tired today, making me thankful I didn't try thirteen/the half marathon! I wasn't prepared mentally or physically. I have enjoyed my last two runs. The leaves were falling in the breeze like snow. They covered the path, crunching with every step. The air smelled fresh and crisp. I ran 3.1 on Saturday. I always enjoy it when I do run, so why do I get out of the habit? My schedule changes and I do have children to drive everywhere, but is that a reason? I know other people who make their run a priority. Then the other things fit in around it.
School is still going well. I got a lot done on Friday. Some things I didn't intend to, they were ideas I had while I was there like a "volunteer bucket". Often when volunteers come, they come in the middle of a lesson you're teaching and you have to find or get or explain what you want them to do. I have a bin of things that will be set up in the hall for them. I set it all up on Friday and I'm pretty pleased with it. The teacher (who returns Nov.10) loved the idea, as well. I still brought some things home to finish up, but felt it was a productive day. Another busy week talking to the kids about pumpkins, fall and subtraction! :)
Hope you have many smiles today, Reader.

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momo said...

hey, you. just getting caught up, i've been slacking lately!

i love those kinds of runs, where the air is crisp and you feel at peace when you get home. you'll get into the groove, you've been there before - just remember how much you love it and you'll get back.

big hugs, happy fall!