Sunday, October 05, 2008


There's always bustle around here. Our youngest turns ten tomorrow, so this weekend was the family party. My family came down, and my in-laws all came over, as well. We had a very nice time. We made her favorite: breakfast burritos fixings, coffee cake and I tried a new recipe: Angel Lush Pineapple cake. Mine looked ok, a little lopsided, but it tasted yummy.
Running has been scarce to nonexistent. The half marathon is next Sunday and I'm still not totally convinced: I haven't run longer than ten miles, and haven't run much in the last three weeks.
Schoolwork still has to be done: grading and lesson creating, but I always enjoy it. The kids are still great and I'm really happy to be there. I'm lucky. Only one problem: the flu has been through three children in the class so far... I try to wash hands regularly, but I'm hoping it stays away! I don't want to have to get a "substitute for a substitute". :)
I can tell I've been really busy. I have four scrapbooking magazines full of ideas, waiting to be perused, but I have had too much to do. I also have tons of email to get through and reply to. For the first time in a long time, I haven't even gotten to read all my friends' blogs! Tonight, though, that is the goal, and I did read a few before composing this, as well.
My dryer finally "gave up the ghost" this week. My husband's been repairing it temporarily over the past few weeks. But it'd gotten so that it wouldn't get through one load before it broke again. So, we used his overtime $ and got a new washer and dryer at the same time. We got energy and water efficient models. We also got a bit of a deal: if you spent so much they were another percentage off, we got the floor models and we picked them up and installed them, so that made them cheaper. They weren't the prices you see on the link, for sure! They are pretty neat. And so far, I'm enjoying catching up on the LOADS of laundry that we hadn't done. Well, I like the cathing up part, anyway. :)
I haven't read anything since summer break, except my daily (or almost daily) Bible readings. I have "how to raise a teen with love and logic" to get started, from the library, but haven't sat down to read it. Maybe I will get it done by the second daughter? ;) Just kidding. :)
Well, off to get some work done. Hope you are well.


Isabelle said...

Tut, tut, no running, eh? I haven't been doing much myself, I have to admit...

Hope the race goes well!

Molly said...

After two weeks, with my daughter and her little ones, I have a new appreciation for how little time moms of little people have for themselves! How quickly I forgot! Hats off to you for managing your family, teaching, scrap booking, reading, running [how did it go yesterday?] AND blogging!