Saturday, September 22, 2007

Such An Interesting Site!!


Isabelle said...

Sorry about your run. I still don't understand, though, why anyone wants to run that far... If you were being pursued by a bear, I'm sure it would catch you; ok, it wouldn't run for 26 miles, but it would run faster at the start. But there we are. I'd love to be as fit as you, all the same.

Isabelle said...

... and as you admit, your sweet peas die as you run. I rest my case! But I'm sure you're wonderfully fit - I'm just jealous.

momo said...

since you haven't posted yet about your run - i'll comment here.

nothing "just" about a second marathon - you rock, girl! way to get through that 24. you are my idol - no way could i do 24 in prep for a marathon, it'd be too close to 26, i'd have to call it a day. :-)

you're going to have a great race! make sure you post a rr.