Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Long Few Days

I tried the 12 miles, Saturday, that should have been easy after 20 the week before... but not so. I struggled mentally and physically and felt the same on my runs so far this week. My body's worn down, I think. Not enough sleep or something. I am very anxious about the 22 looming large for Saturday. We'll see how it goes. I ran almost 7 today, but was supposed to do 8. Not a lot of time in the schedule.
Sunday I made a plan/searched for "make ahead freezer meals" online. Found about ten I liked and put together a grocery list. I also planned for lunch items for the girls' packed lunches and easy dinners slid in here and there.
Then yesterday I did it: shopped for two+ hours, two full shopping carts, and a van load of money to pay for it all. Then I came home to cook 6lbs. of chicken, 5lbs. of ground beef, and two rolls of sausage. I also cleaned out the pantry to make room for everything I had bought.
Then today, I assembled three of the dishes (cooking pasta, cutting vegetables, putting everything together), and cleaned out the freezers to make room for completed dishes.
Still more to finish tomorrow, but then I will have about ten meals, more if counting leftovers, ready even on busy nights! I'm excited. Just a few days of cleaning the kitchen up after cooking.
That's all for now. I will post the good recipes! :) Hope your week is going well!


Christy said...

I should do the once a month cooking thing again. I've done it in the past and it worked out well. The only thing I do now is to cook a whole chicken once a week so we have chicken for things like quesadillas, broccoli chicken casserole, chicken tacos, etc.

I've been meaning to make bread and pizza dough and freeze it but haven't got around to that yet either.

momo said...

ok, it was pretty hot out there today, but the 20's in the bag. good luck tomorrow - what are you training for?? i think i missed which race!