Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dad's health scare

We have just returned from my parents' house.
My mom called Thursday night from the small town hospital and said that Dad was in the emergency room with chest pains, numbness, headache: possible heart attack. They did tests and kept him overnight. At that time they thought he had angina.
On Friday they called and said that he was being transferred to the nearby college town, bigger, better hospital. There they would do a heart cath. Which could tell them of blockages and if needed maybe do a procedure while they were in there... very scary. And hard to be away from home/family. My family of four quickly packed up and headed to the hospital, which is a three hour drive.(here I take another opportunity to inform. :))
They took him in Friday evening and did the test, which sends a camera in through a vein in the groin and looks at the heart's passageways. This was supposed to take an hour, but only took half an hour. The doctor said there were no blockages, whatsoever. The doctor said he hopes his heart looks like Dad's. So, good news. I took he and Mom home that night where he slept comfortably. Now we wait for some other tests to be done, possibly next week to figure out the cause of the symptoms.
While there, my family convinced me to leave my daughters for a few days, without the hubby and I! I don't do that very often and feel out of my element when I do.
My hubby and I drove home-without my wonderful girls-and I read "True Believer" aloud to him. We often do this with Nicholas Sparks books: read them aloud to each other. We picked it up again this afternoon and finished the book. It was a good book. We have also read aloud Message in a Bottle, the Notebook and A Walk to Remember. Wonderful reading.
Currently the hubby is off to mow the lawn in the heat and our house is oddly empty and quiet. I miss those girls already and we just left them yesterday. My husband says it's good for all three, the girls and I, to be apart for a short time. He also asks what I will do when I have an "empty nest"? I will bother him, I guess! :) We get them Wednesday, which feels not soon enough, to me, but will give me time to reorganize the file cabinet and crawl spaces, and hopefully time to paint our master bathroom and to glaze the kitchen with some sort of new technique. Maybe I will even find time to scrapbook! :)
That is all for now. I am happy that my father has a strong heart and my heart currently is missing my girls tremendously.


Christy said...

I'm glad everything is ok with your dad. How scary!

It is odd to be without your kids. Austin and Ryan are spending a few days in Tennessee with their step mom and it's weird not to have them around.

I don't know if you heard that I'm pregnant again. I still don't know how far along, but I know it's early. They will be 12-13 months apart. Yikes.

jkhenson said...

wow, they'll keep you busy! :) Nope, I hadn't heard: I don't hear from too many people from Clinton. Thanks for the message. Email and keep me posted on how you're doing. I wondered why I hadn't seen any new postings on your site or Jacob's. :) Take Care!