Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Family Trip

Now that the mounds of laundry are shrinking more house cleaning tasks have been attacked, I can sit down to blog. We went on a family vacation and since we've returned home, I have had much catching up to do. The piles of laundry filled my laundry room and it seemed as if it would never go away, after all, people keep wearing more clothes! :)
For our summer vacation this year, our family of four, as well as my brother-in-law's family of five, headed to Myrtle Beach. We drove, and it was a long drive. We stayed there for five nights and enjoyed the waves, sun and sand. The kids had a great time making sandcastles and we went to a midevil times show, which was a great dinner evening for all of us. And, oh yes, we sunscreened: should have bought stock in sunscreen. My poor daughters came out every hour to have me put a new layer on them.
After the beach, we separated and our family headed to Williamsburg. We only had time for one full day there, but we spent it wisely. The kids trooped through the heat all day, and we all had a great day! It was so interesting to see the buildings, reenactments and hear the stories of the times. We also stopped at Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, on our drive home. It was a great stopover. I had never been to any of the three places, so I had a extremely wonderful trip. And for my hubby, he'd been to Williamsburg and Mount Vernon, but it'd been ages. The girls loved it, as well, especially my oldest who has studied the time periods in school.

An update on the nasty beetles: I found a chemical-which must be horrible to the environment because it smells like chemicals after you use it and it lasts for a day or so-that seems to rid them until the next rain washes it off! The bees and butterflies aren't bothered by it, so that is good, but the beetles keep returning and destroying my garden. It was sad to return from the trip and see half of my daisies brown with death, and purple coneflowers black from the nasties.

Summer has flown by. We still have one month month! But July is about to be finished already! I cannot believe time has gone so fast. I think it goes faster as the children grow!

I finshed several books in the last three weeks since I've written:
  • Wicked, which is very odd
  • Keepsake Crimes, which was a fast, easy mystery
  • Photo Finished, a sequel to the Keepsake Crimes
  • and I began reading True Believer by Nocholas Sparks, as I like all of his books that I have read.
Tonight we take our neighbors out for dinner for keeping our two dogs the week we were gone, and then the week is half over! Hope the summer is going well for you.

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