Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Goals and "Resolutions"

I know "they" say don't make resolutions for the new year. You're bound to fail and be depressed-I did look at last year's list with a bit of disdain this weekend. :) But I like a goal for the future. Even if they aren't always reached. I also like to look upon the new year as a fresh, clean slate open for me to write upon. :) I normally pick a "One Little Word", as well, but I haven't done so this year... Not sure whether I will or not.

So, without further ado, my goals for 2015:

  1. Reach my weight goal by my birthday, 4/24-my 40th-and sustain it through 12/31.
  2. Run a half marathon under 1:45:00.
  3. Run a full marathon under 4 hours, if I can work through injuries and losing weight helps them.
  4. Run 900-1000 miles this year-to reach the yet unattainable 900 mile mark.
  5. Read the entire Bible. I've only tried to do this once and had a lot on my plate at the time.
  6. Complete a Bible study-either on my own, with my husband who said he would like to try to do so, or with a class at church.
  7. Read 24 books-I read 19 this year and am looking forward to reaching this goal-I enjoy reading and I'm happy to be working towards a goal to give myself permission to read for fun.
  8. Take our puppy to another obedience class-this time a "Canine Good Citizen Class" which is a step up from her last puppy obedience class.
  9. Purge our home and prepare for our move.
  10. Learn/try 3 new things. Possibly: skiing, a new language, a spinning class...
Get house ready for move
Working on my marketing job full bore to be successful
Continue using MyFitnessPal, which I have started again this week to keep track of calories
Continue working on funeral for church when they come up.

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