Friday, September 19, 2014

iOS8 Updates

Today I updated my iPhone5 to the latest operating system, iOS8. Visually there are a few changes, but nothing drastic. First, my phone gave me a few tips and tricks such as:

  • If I'd like to use the swipe feature, I could just change the settings so it applied to mail, contacts and calendars.
  • I can now ask Siri "What song is this?" as opposed to opening Shazam, which will be much more "hands-free" friendly.
  • I can double-click the home button and then tap on a favorite or recent contact. 
  • I can now share apps, music, and other things with my family-once I have purchased something, I can share it with up to 5 people in my family. I love that! The girls and I like a lot of the same music and it will be nice to share apps/games we enjoy!
  • The camera has a self-timer now, and better editing features.

I looked up a few articles to figure out the best features or features I needed to know about on, as well. I found a few great articles with lots of information:

I also found an article about whether or not to upgrade to the iPhone6 on, here. I also found an article about how to use this new OS to help with battery life... maybe. :)

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Isabelle said...

I barely understood that post! You're so much younger than I am... I have a smart phone but I don't do anything remotely smart on it and have no idea what apps really are.