Wednesday, December 05, 2012


It's funny the things we take for granted. The things we appreciate, and when. When my husband and I were first married, he didn't travel much for work. We had our first daughter when we were very young, and our second 3 1/2 years later. When our youngest was just a few months old, my husband went out of town on business. We weren't in a great part of town, so we didn't talk to neighbors much. They were much older than us, too. While he was away, in Boston for a week, both of our children-under 4 yrs old-got the flu. And we got a blizzard. As in snow shoveled from the driveway was car height. My husband would call to check in here and there, telling me how much fun he was having. I was so resentful. I didn't sleep-partly due to the girls' bouts with flu, partly because I wasn't sure how to sleep alone and I was on alert for the girls who needed me. We didn't have email, texting, cell phones with unlimited long distance. My in-laws came and sent me out to the store, to get fresh air and a few minute break, which was so nice. Over the last 18 years my husband hasn't gone on many business trips. Recently, however, he's gone on 5 or so. It's funny the differences. I have two daughters who are old enough to carry on real conversations, help with dinner, etc. I have friends and neighbors who are here in time of need, if any arise. I am a stronger person and am ok tackling everything on the list, and I am ok being alone. Maturity? Less sleep deprivation? We also have the ability to communicate in so many ways. But, it's funny, I don't need them now, like I used to. But, boy, am I happy when he arrives home! :) Interesting those changing seasons in life. I hope the season you are in is happy, Reader.

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