Monday, April 16, 2012


My car has finally been returned since my "bang up job" on it. It was gone for 3 weeks and much money in repairs. I will appreciate my car so much more now that I had time without it. :) A few nice things helped me out: My in-laws were gone on a spring break vacation, so I borrowed one of their cars for a week. My daughter's car was available to be confiscated. ;) She didn't complain (to me ;)) and was generous in working out other ways to and from school. I know, we pay for the car and it's technically ours, but you remember that feeling-your first independence of having your car, and license, being able to get yourself places. It's frustrating when you're back to square one. Also, I had spring break from school last week, so I didn't really need to get very many places. It all worked out, and could have been much worse. (Let's see if I'm still saying that after our car insurance goes up. ;))

I took another break from the Potato Peel book, although it had been going along nicely. Laura Child's latest Tea Mystery book came out, and I love those books. Love them. I devoured it, as usual. :) My daughters have both read Heaven is For Real (I think I have mentioned that before) and suggested I read it. I hadn't been in the mood for it, but they asked again this week. I finished the Tea book and read the Heaven book-in one day. Loved it. I needed tissues. If you haven't read it, you should. :) I've been thinking about it every day since. :) My girls just grinned and said they knew I'd like it. :)

I've also started a new book: A Heart Like His by Beth Moore. A good way to get me back to Bible study with a purpose instead of "Bible Roulette" :) Two chapters in and I like it. :)

Storms are blowing in here. I already got my run in for the day. I was supposed to do 11 Saturday but ended up going 12! :) I was so happy. My 9 mile run a few weeks ago was great, but 10 two weeks ago was awful. Whenever you hit a bump like that so close to race day (about 3 weeks!) you get anxious. So, I ran with the plan of getting over the double digit hump and felt great! I felt great yesterday (my rest day), but oh, did those muscles protest on my run today! :) The sun was shining and the weather was warm, but you cold tell by the breeze moving in that it will be a stormy afternoon! {Maybe a nap will be in store on my last day of spring break? ;)}

Can't believe I have 35 school days left (my girls have even less!) Only 35. Eek! :) But so ready, I have enjoyed this spring break way too much. Thinking about putting my garden in (although we had frost last week, too, so I resisted!) I have it planned, now just to get past frost season, and put it in! :)

Obviously I have fallen out of my daily blog habit-the car incident threw me for sure. I'm still not sure how it happened... anyway, I have been trying to Bible read, still, and send out a note here or there, albeit not daily.

Well, that's all for today. Any plans the change in weather has you thinking about, like my sunny summer garden? :)
Have a great week!


Thimbleanna said...

It sounds like you've been busy! I'm glad you have your car back -- it sounds like the stars aligned for you to not be too inconvenienced. I'm really impressed with your running too!

CMZ said...

I saw you running the other day...I din't want to honk though and startle you as you were right in front of my car! (corner of Freeman Rd and Old 3C). Hugs to you!!

Isabelle said...

Sorry about your car but I like the way you can find something positive in the situation. You're so sweet.