Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Usual

Things are going well here.

Running is going great-did a 12 miler alone last weekend and was a tiny bit faster than race pace, so I am pretty sure I can do 13. :) I'm sore and tired, but now it's time for a taper, coming back on miles until the race day Oct. 16.

Girls are wonderful-oldest is running and working hard on school subjects and youngest is playing soccer and working hard in school. Both are great girls and I feel very blessed to be their mom! Thursday our youngest turns 13-two teenage girls in our house! :)

Grandpa is doing well, probably doing more than he should but this is not a surprise to anyone in my family. ;)

Weather has turned cold, here, and my garden has seen its last. I pulled all the dying plants out but have left one plant in: the orange bell pepper. We didn't get any peppers from it all season, and this week it has 10-12 small green nubs about the size of the top of my thumb. I'm not sure they'll have time to ripen, but maybe... I think it was shielded by tomato plants and once I removed them it got the sun it needed.

The job is going well. I hope it continues. I am working on revising my vision for how things are going/should go. The more I teach middle school, the more I see my strategies evolving. I just hope they are learning! :)

I haven't read anything lately other than the social studies I am reading to plan for the classes. I haven't scrapbooked, crafted or knitted...

My sister in law got married two weeks ago-a lovely simple wedding, my oldest daughter had high school homecoming last weekend and looked lovely in her purple dress. She just went with friends and it was a nice evening for her.

My mother in law turns 60 in a couple weeks so we are conversing with the family as to what to plan for her special birthday... she is adamant that there be no surprise party, so we won't be doing that! :)

I hope all is well with you!

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Thimbleanna said...

Sound like you're busy busy! I can't fathom running that far -- it sure would be fun though! ;-D