Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Day

Hello! :) I have been meaning to post... just haven't gotten around to it. I've been:
*taking the girls school shopping
*grocery shopping
*using said groceries to make 7 chicken dishes to freeze for later in the schoolyear
*getting more groceries
*using said groceries to make 7 loaves of quick breads to freeze (like zucchini bread)
*seeing my oldest off to cross country running camp-she comes home tomorrow. She hasn't had cell coverage so we are very anxious to see/talk to her!
*enjoying time with our younger daughter, like taking her out for Mexican food, since our oldest doesn't enjoy it all that much and our youngest LOVES it.
*filling out school paperwork. We find out the schedule for our newly-minted-middle=schooler today and the schedule for our oldest after she returns home tomorrow.
*putting school dates on the calendar, like days off, early release, vacations, etc.
*planning all I can for my NEW JOB! :) Yep, I finally got a job. It's not a classroom teacher, but it's teaching kids and I'm very excited! I have to tell you my story: when I interviewed for a specific position (regular readers recall my interviewing and hoping?) the principal told me of another position that would be available. It felt like a "consolation prize" so to speak. I set it aside not to think about for a while. Then I called him in August. He told me about it and I was pretty excited... but unsure. I called my husband to talk over my thoughts. He had heard me talk of this when I was interviewing. Earlier in the day I called him, he had been talking with a coworker about his teacher wife and how she'd needed to something different than subbing before she got her job. This made my husband think, hm, if I heard about this job again, I should take it. So, he got back from lunch, talked to me and said he thought it was a sign-that I should apply for this. I put my name in, was interviewed and now have a job as an "alternative instructor". I will be blessed with the opportunity to work with kids who need intervention in areas they struggle with. Small groups and one-on-one, whatever the teacher would like. At this point, no specific age group, just K-5 and I'm really excited! :)) I meet with the principal and other alternative instructors on Friday and I'm looking forward to jumping in!

I'm still training for the half marathon-finished an eight miler on Saturday. Felt good, was in the time range I'd hoped. Nine miles on the schedule for this week!

I've been listening to some podcasts on digital scrapping and I'm pretty excited about doing that more, as well.

Hope your week is going smoothly! Halfway through! :)

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