Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am not usually a contest/drawing winner. Until last month, I hadn't won a thing, although I had entered in many drawings on my favorite sites when they had "giveaways". Well, last month, I won here and then today I discovered I won a giveaway here, too! What a wonderful surprise! The first prize I won will be a gift to someone else this Christmas and today's will be a gift to me! :)

A few of you commented on my mood in the last post. Things were a bit down and overwhelmed! The down was due to sadness of loss of life in our community. The two who died were my daughters' ages, the oldest attending the school where my oldest goes to school. My girls didn't know them, but it was a tragedy felt by all in our community. It made me ache with sadness for their mother-and to think that the holidays approaching won't be any easier, worse in fact.

The overwhelmed feeling comes from the holidays coming faster! At the time of my last post I really hadn't gotten much done at all. Now, I feel better, but things still aren't complete. We went to see my family in my home state last weekend, as we did two weeks prior, too. This coming weekend we are getting together with my husband's family, more on that later.

I have not scrapbooked at all. I wish I had. I have that creative itch I get when I look over my magazines full of ideas! However, each time I think about it, in the office painted a beautiful turquoise... {insert happy sigh, here} I remember all I have to do for the holidays and weekend... etc!

Running has been sparse, but I have walked a bit, with my husband and youngest daughter. Yesterday's weather was a bit warmer, perfect for walking in fact.

Have subbed a lot less, due to blocking off a few days last week so I could catch up a bit, and this week is the last week for schools in the area to be in session, so most teachers aren't taking off/in need of a sub. Which is ok with me! :)

I have gotten some baking in, and am looking forward to doing more soon! Then delivering the goodies to neighbors.

That is all for now! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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Molly said...

It's nice to win something once in a while! Trying to have a quick peek here as I've been out of the loop with company here. Since her brother and fam. are here for a Christmas visit, Lily came down for a long w.e. with her boys! Sorry to hear of your community's tragedy...so hard for their families.....
Have a lovely Christmas Jen.