Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

After a nice, long family weekend, I am currently typing up my next blog entry. I am in the car, with no network to connect to the internet, but thought it would be a good use of time to blog! I know, I know, it took me long enough! :)

Our weekend was a family gift from my husband's parents. His siblings and their families were also on the trip. We all took a day of driving, went to Nashville, TN, and saw things like the Hermitage, General Jackson's showboat, Charlie Brown ice sculptures and the Opryland hotel. It was a wonderful weekend! We are on our long drive back.

On our last car trip I thought to download podcasts to listen to. I was just starting out with podcasts, so I only grabbed one or two I had seen suggested on scrapbookers' blogs. I enjoyed them immensely, and downloaded a few new ones for this long car trip. While on our trip, we talked about podcasts, and my brother-in-law mentioned that he listened to “things you should have learned in history class” or something like that and “how stuff is made”. Both had really interesting topics. I downloaded a few, but as of my writing this, I haven't listened to them, yet.

For our trip, I prepared the items from one of the contests I won; the scrapbooking kit. It had almost all the items for an embellished Christmas themed album, but needed some things cut on my big papercutter. So, the night before we left, I spent about 45 minutes cutting, assembling, and organizing each page's items into a plastic carrying box. Then, on the trip, with breaks here and there, and a little bit on the way home, I assembled it. It turned out very cute. I look forward to using it as my December Daily album for this year! Especially with the pictures from this weekend! :) It was a great prize! I wouldn't have purchased it on my own, but have loved it and hope to get more kits similar! I will be a regular on their site!

One of the breaks from the scrapbook that I took was to begin reading to my husband. I think I've mentioned before that on car trips we both enjoy Nicholas Sparks books. We've read several to each other since we have been married. On car trips we start them, taking turns driving/reading, and then we are far enough into the book that we can't put it down and read it in the evenings once we're home. If it's a real page turner, we “steal” it from each other and devour it in our spare moments! :) The one we've currently started is the Last Song. I had bought it a few car trips ago, but we didn't get it started. Then, we went to see The Princess and the Frog, and there was a preview for a movie that was based on the book. Now, I have those movie characters in my head when I read it. Blech. ;) I much prefer to form my own pictures in my head before I see a movie! :)

I am ready for the holidays! We have just a few gifts-one we've been looking for all over, but have had a hard time finding. We also have a few things for the great grandparents. But everything else is bought, wrapped and I'm pleased with. Ahhh. :) Maybe I can get a few moments to scrapbook? A little gift to myself, now that the contest scrapbook kit got my creative juices flowing?

This week, as we lead into Christmas, I have baking to do, the last gifts, listed above, and some family time. I look forward to that. I also need to make sure I call my parents and grandparents, since I haven't and feel as though I should do it more often. Then I will need to deliver the previously mentioned baked goods to neighbors and friends.

I have been exercising nicely, as of late. I ran Thursday and Friday of last week, even though the temps were low. Then, Saturday we were driving. Sunday, my oldest daughter and I got up early and used the hotel's exercise room. We worked out; I made myself tired. Today, Monday, we're traveling again. But, back to it again tomorrow. Those were specific attempts at exercise. We also walked around, to most of our destinations this weekend, and at most of our destinations, so I felt good about that, as well. Although, the eating made it all come out in a wash, I think. ;)

Hopefully I really will write again soon! :) Thanks for sticking in there and reading my rare posts! ;) Happy Holidays to you, Reader.

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Isabelle said...

Happy Christmas, JK, and all good wishes for 2010.