Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hello, Thursday!

I know you've been waiting with baited breath, my oldest returned safely and soundly on Saturday eve. She called after they had a cell signal and said she'd had a lot of fun, couldn't believe it was already over, and now that she heard our voices, couldn't wait to be home! She loved the white water rafting the most! She also enjoyed the waterfall jumping, although they only got to do it once due to pending storms. She had a great week, and made new friends!!

Our youngest loved her writing camp and came home with many story ideas! She's been writing in her free time since!

We have been busy since I wrote last: Sunday we had "Food Network Star Finale" night. We have been watching the reality show all season as a family, choosing our favorites, people and food ideas! We chose an appetizer/new recipe and cooked it, to eat while we watched the finale. My youngest made a very spicy salsa, my oldest created a fruit dessert that sat in whipped cream in a chocolate cake cup and was glazed with a berry sauce. My husband made Mega Meatball Pizza and I made Antipasto Sausage Skewers which were both very good recipes! Last night I used the last of the leftovers from my appetizer, added chopped red onion, chopped green pepper and cream cheese, blended it all together and we ate it on crackers: YUM! :)

Monday night we went to the local fair, as I had won tickets on our local radio station to attend the concert there, and fair admission, for free. We all had fun!!

Tuesday, my dear cousin came through our spot in the midwest and spent the night. It was a quick visit, but a great one! It was so nice to see her.

Last night we sat and ate our crackers and dip by a fire in our fire pit. The kids got ready for bed and went off to dreamland, while my husband and I shared a glass of wine (Estancia Pinot Noir, which is great!) as the sun set and our fire burned. It was a wonderful evening!

No news on the running front. I see the doctor again on the 20th.

We head to see my family for a quick visit in the near future.

I haven't read much more in the The Sunday Philosophy Club, as we've been busy around here. I am hoping to read it on the drive to see family...

School is just around the corner, here. I have applied for the only job open in our local district, and didn't even get an interview, which was frustrating. However, I interview tomorrow for a long term sub job, which is better than the day to day assignments! I get to know the children much better in a setting like this! I'm hoping all goes well and that is where I will start the year. Fingers crossed! :)

I have a million things on my schedule today, so I will leave you after my long, rambling post. I hope your week is going well and your weekend looks bright ahead! :)

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Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Jen -- you've been busy! It looks like you have a wonderful family tradition with food and the food network! I hope your Dr. visit goes well this week!