Monday, August 24, 2009

The End of August??

I sat down to blog and realized I hadn't blogged since early August... and it's the end of August already! The summer has gone rather quickly!

I interviewed for one long-term subbing position and one full-time position, but didn't get either job, which is really disheartening, a rather stiff blow to the ego. I just keep reminding myself that God is in it and He will find me a job when the time is right. It's tough, though.

I got the ok from the running doctor to start the "back to running program". This week and next I can do the elliptical machine. So much better than doing nothing. It won't be running for a few weeks, as I've been instructed to do walking, then the elliptical, then slow jogging... But I will get back to it. The question is, as a marathoner or a half marathoner? It's a tough decision. I've done the marathon, I've enjoyed it-just check back to my old running posts-but it has also wreaked havoc on my body. I have overcome some of the issues, and I know that is some of the pride that comes with running... However, I get really down when an injury knocks me out, like this year-I had come halfway with these long distances and sometimes I wonder if my little body enjoys this. So, I could still get in the longer distances, the physical work, the fitness, while doing the half marathons? Or am I too hooked, still wanting that third marathon and to do it in under four hours?

I have been reading two books lately, both of which are fascinating: The Omnivore's Dilemma and A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen. I'm not vegetarian-I like to eat meat-but the book has some really interesting recipes that I'm planning on trying. The Omnivore's Dilemma can get technical in some spots, but as I kept reading, I really enjoyed its information. I'm not finished with either book, however, which is a problem since they are library books that are due soon!

My husband and I will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary this week. This past weekend we took a LONG drive to this inn, Murphin Ridge Inn, to celebrate with some relaxing time away. Wow. Breathtaking. Food was delicious, staff was wonderful, accommodations were very nice and clean. I can't recommend it enough. If you are in the area, or within a few hours' drive, a terrific way to relax and rejuvenate.

Now school activities begin in full swing. Last weekend our youngest had her first soccer tournament in the new league (new to her). She had two games Saturday and two games Sunday (thankfully the in-laws kept the girls over the weekend and took our youngest to her first three games, with us getting home in time to take her to the last one!) Our oldest will have high school cross country (high school?? ALREADY??) meets every Saturday until November... Yes, every Saturday until November. Most of those will also be soccer game days for our youngest, as well. This will be the first year where my husband and I will head in different directions, each of us missing one of the daughter's activities. This is tough for me. I'm used to getting to see each child, even if I have to drive with a lead foot here and there to make it.... It's the ages, I know, but it's a bit sad... :)

We've had a quick summer that included: trips to the pool-enough to pay for our membership this year- each daughter had camps, our trip, which was the first without the daughters since our tenth anniversary, rainy weather which was more like spring than summer until mid-August, two running injuries (one stress fracture for my oldest daughter and one for me), our first garden that produced yummy veggies, and job interviews!

I hope you have had a good season, wherever you are, and are looking ahead to another positive season in front of you!


Isabelle said...

So sorry about your jobs. I would love to have you teaching my children... when they were children. You have such a lovely positive attitude.

Wouldn't know anything about running, really, but I would have thought the term "stress fracture" suggests that you're putting too much stress on yourself.

Anyway, keep smiling... I know you will.

Juls said...

I am happy that you can return to running. Be gentle with yourself. On the job front, I like your thinking. I too have been frustrated with the lack of interest in my skills. It's a tough place we're in.

Molly said...

My daughter also runs---half marathons and marathons. It does seem to me a lot of stress to subject our bodies to. If marathons cause you so many problems it seems you might be better sticking with the halves? That's still a lot of exercise!

I remember what a shock it was, with each of my children, when they reached HS. What? Already? Couldn't be! I want a do-over so I can savour each one! But time and tide, as they say, wait for no man [or woman!] We just have to try to stay awake so we don't miss the good parts...