Friday, April 18, 2008


I sit here to enter my latest post and notice the sun pouring in the windows. It's a beautiful and welcome sight. Our landscaping that was put in last summer is alive with blooms and I look forward to more days of enjoying it. Our daffodils have been blooming for about a week, my grape hyacinth are popping up all over my front garden... my front garden which needs so much work this year... In our area we can still get frost into May, so I try not to dig anything up to move it, or plant anything new, just in case. These warm days of spring have people rushing to the stores and buying plants... then, inevitably, a cold snap comes and things blacken! We've had a flurry the last two Aprils. It is hard to resist the planting urge, though. I have some small plants mixed in with tall ones, then they lack water, sun and they're hidden, so I need to move them more towards the middle of my garden spot.
I spent the last few days, as there were no subbing jobs for me, going through old paperwork. We've saved old bill receipts, old insurance policy statements, etc. for too long. It felt good to purge them, shred them and put them out with recyclables today. Four trash bags worth. I checked some websites for what I could dispose of and what I should keep for a year, 7 years and indefinitely. Those leftover papers I reorganized and moved to a different location. I previously had some of the important papers in the basement, some in my den and some other places. So, they're all in one central location now, in a nice little folder cart, which also has a drawer on it.
One of my tasks for today is to scan the girls' papers and artwork onto cd's. I have a HUGE box, because I like to save everything they do because they are fabulous students and artists. (I'm not biased. :)) But, now that our oldest is in 7th, soon to be 8th grade, and our youngest is in 3rd, almost 4th grade, plus their two years of preschool, each... we've run out of room in the folders and boxes keep all of their paper items. I'm sure it will take a LONG time, but it will be so nice to have it done. We can keep some paper items, like books they made, that would be easier to store than scan. I just think that they'll like to look back on it someday-but I'm not sure what they'll like to look back on. I may just scan the artwork and keep the paper copies of the papers, like grade cards, as well. I will see when I am knee-deep in it, I suppose! :)
I will be reading my last week of the Beth Moore Bible Study this week, as well. Last week was so moving. On Tuesday, our group met and it was so incredible that I cried... there and on the way HOME! After it was over. It was amazing. God is good! :)
Our oldest daughter had an appt. with an ear, nose, throat doctor this week. Yep, her tonsils are huge, just like youngest daughter. They are scheduled to have their tonsils and adenoids removed on June 13... Yep, Friday the 13. They've never had any kind of surgery, let alone an iv putting them out for half an hour and surgery! I'm a bit nervous and we still have two months. I know it's a routine surgery, but I'm still a bit worried! Maybe it has something to do with the Dr. saying the only problem that could occur is "bleeding out and requiring a transfusion"! UM-that's a big problem! He said that (knock on wood) he's never had that happen before. I trust him, he's great, and I'm sure he'd be careful with our girls, but ugh. Great way to start their summer vacation, hm? But, they'd miss 7-14 days of school if we did it during the school year.
We aren't planning on taking any big/long summer vacations, either. Just a wonderful summer here in the Midwest. We are embarking on a "postcard quest", though. The girls and I have already sent out emails to friends and relatives around the country, gathering addresses. We will be writing a letter, together, and sending it at the end of May requesting postcards from all 50 states and other countries, as well! We will be getting maps, one of the world and one of the U.S. The maps will hang in the basement, I think and the postcards will be, as well. It will be a fun summer project! :)
Running... nope, I have not been running. I have been doing a bit of walking, though! :)
That's it for me, for now. I hope you are enjoying the spring!


momo said...

hey, girlfriend! sounds to me like you're doing a little bit of spring cleaning. i'm feeling like that might not be a bad idea either. although - i am pretty sure i'm not going to be scanning the kids projects. i have them in a big tupperware in my closet and when they go off to their own homes eventually, i'll hand it over. :-)

my running partner has been scanning all of her family's pictures since the early 1950's. its definitely been a labor of love, and some of the pictures are so incredible. both tasks take great patience!

happy spring to you!

Lanne said...

I have to add this. A few years ago a woman told me she saves EVERYTHING the kids do.. and then every change of season.. they video the kids talking about their works (they can remember for that long and it isnt overwhelming to do every 3 months).. they video the kids .. and capture their language, their ideas, the art work etc..

Chuck the artwork.. keep the tapes/DVD.. SO MUCH easier to file. I love this idea! Looking back you would have so much more than just the artwork!