Sunday, October 21, 2007

Finally the Marathon day!

Well, time wasn't what I'd hoped today. Truth be told, my MIT group said I was setting my sights a bit high for a second marathon. Husband had said that, too. I did, however, beat my last time by half an hour, so that's good. And I finished a marathon, which is a feat most cannot say they have completed. :) My calves quit/cramped up at mile 17, even though I thoroughly hydrated well last week. was drinking at the water stops, as well. I even gave up coffee and wine so that I wouldn't be depleting my water supply. Then, at mile 23, my quads joined the calves. I They cramped up, which is not a normal thing for me. I've had the calf thing before. Husband and daughters were four different places on the course, which made me feel great! Some neighbors, were there twice, which was so nice! It always helps to see familiar faces.
I tried to enjoy the ride this time. I took in the sights (like being on the Ohio State Campus) and people (there was a "princess" in a tutu, tiara and see through white tights! Ach! As well as a lady with MSU Spartan heads on her calves). The start was completely packed, downtown, from side to side, the streets were so full, I could not stretch, I only had room to stand! It was a sea of people running down the street in front of me, and it took me three minutes to get to the start line after the horn to "GO!" went off. The weather started out good at 58 degrees. It finished hot, however. :) Then I got sick on the way home. I don't think my stomach was ready for the "after" race, Gatorade.
I am very sore; arms, legs, abs, back... I haven't been able to catch the phone when it rang because I'm moving to slow and painfully. :) But, I've showered and napped. I slept the best during my nap that I've slept in the last few days, due to nerves. :)
I do still have all my toenails. :) I also still have the temporary tattoos the girls put on me last night: a snail on my calf, a star on one shoulder and a pair of wings on the other shoulder. Oh, my time was 4hours, 22 min. I was 641/1348 women, and 107/217 for my age group.
Anyway, I finished my second marathon and I'm happy about that. :) Thanks to the well-wishers!

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momo said...

a very respectable time - great job on finishing #2!! you and i are about the same speed - we'll have to run one together sometime!

i was thinking - have you tried salt for the cramping? or maybe upping your potassium?