Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's been a while

I have let more time pass than I like to in between blogs, so there is much to update.
Currently, I wait for the clock so I can go for my long run. 19 miles today. I was so exhausted and sore after 17, and the weather has been so hot and humid that I am very nervous for today's run. It should take about three hours. I should be ready to eat and nap when it's over. Hopefully the chafing I've experienced in recent weeks isn't a factor today, but I suspect it might be. The purple toenail I have that "serves as a badge of honor", so says the running store owner, hadn't been bothering me, so I hope that's true today, as well. Our group has plenty of water and Gatorade stops, so we can stay well hydrated, I have my three packs of gu, the ipod, and my watch. I took it a bit easy this week, due to the heat index over 100. I know to be careful in the heat, but I still feel guilty not achieving what the schedule says.
I got my hair cut two weeks ago. Very short, shorter than I've had in a while. It's fun, low maintenance and cute on me, but hard to keep out of my face on run days. "Bobby pins" will have to do. I hope they hold for three hours.
School starts this coming week and both girls are very excited. We went school shopping and paid an arm and a leg, as both girls have grown an inch over the summer! Of course nothing they had still fits them...
Our oldest had her first cross country scrimmage this past week, in the heat. She ran a smart race; starting slow, picking off people and getting faster as she went. She had a good time!
My youngest has started soccer and knows many girls on her team. She's excited to start a more regular practice schedule.
Well, it's time to head off on the run, I will write more later. Take care!

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