Saturday, August 25, 2007

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Well, today's run is complete. Ugh. It was super hot. At 18.25 or so, my right calf began to cramp, like seize up. I would run about ten to fifteen steps and it would cramp, causing me to gasp, walk ten to fifteen steps, then feel better, begin shuffling steps, then running...until the next ten to fifteen steps. It was a pain, but the coaches who were there said it was better to do this (or quit and go home, which was unacceptable to me) than injure myself. All totaled, my run ended up being 19.35 miles, walking included. And 20 next week??!! Well, I will cross that bridge next week. :)
Some foolish person (ahem, me) scheduled a neighborhood (6 families and ours) get together at our house for today. Yes, today. We... I mean I wanted to have the party on the patio before the start of school, sports, etc. Only now there is pending rain in the forecast. Can you believe it? Drought conditions for months and now some rain on my patio party. Well, good company and wine will cheer me up. :)
Other information from earlier this month: we went to Cedar Point with family. I wasn't keen on the idea because I don't like heights, speed or twirling until you lose your lunch. However, my husband does, my children wanted to try it... you know. Well, we got there with my brother-in-law and his family, went to Soak City (I'm not a fan of water, either.. I'm rather wimpy :)) We had a nice evening there, then the next morning, onto the roller coasters! My husband said, "Come on the Iron Dragon. It's not bad at all." When he saw my pale face after, he stopped asking me to ride. I had fun with my daughters and little nephews! I also had fun taking photos! My daughters fared much better, braving things that made them nervous. It was a fun time had by all. (FYI, I'm brave about other things like big dogs and riding horses.... Really.) :)
I haven't informed about anything lately, so:
My daughters were in the mood to listen to "kids' music" instead of our usual contemporary Christian, so I broke out some of our old favorites. Some of them are quite funny, and poetic in their words! Here they are:
Well, the thunder is approaching, so I must go bring some of our outside things into the house. Bummer.

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Isabelle said...

Well, goodness me. You are extremely fit. That's a long run, and in the heat too.

I can't help wondering why you do it. It doesn't sound like... fun.

I'm just jealous!