Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lunch Ideas

Well, the first week and a half of school for the girls has gone extremely well. They are both having a great year so far! Phew! :) They have been making friends, working hard and their teachers seem to be very kind, but expect a lot from them.

Just a short entry today, lots to do, but I already had complaints of the "same old same old" lunch ideas for the girls, as they pack everyday. I began some research. Although these seem like common sense, we get stuck in a rut and have trouble thinking outside the (lunch)box. Here are some ideas we'll be trying in the next two weeks (I found these at and
  • bagel with vegetable confetti: a bagel with cream cheese and chopped up colorful veggies
  • sushi rolls, using imitation crab meat and rolls of cucumber slices, avacado and or tortillas
  • hot chili in a thermos with a bag of Fritos and or cheese to sprinkle on top when ready to eat
  • lunchables, the cheap homemade version: meats, crackers, cheeses, cream cheese and veggies
  • sandwiches cutout with cookie cutters, and different kinds/colors of breads
  • stuff an apple: core an apple and fill the hole with peanut butter or cream cheese and raisins
  • snack mix with cereal, dried fruit, nuts and goldfish crackers
  • banana bread/muffins
  • yogurt mixed with berries and a side of whole grain crackers
  • peanut butter and apple on a whole wheat tortilla
  • bake store bought biscuits in the shapes of stars, use them for sandwiches instead of bread
  • peanut buter and apple wraps

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