Saturday, May 08, 2010


Last weekend was spent traveling to a soccer tournament for our youngest daughter. We traveled two hours to the tournament, watched her play two games in the rain, traveled back to teach Sunday School on Saturday night, then got up to do it again the next day. They ended up in the championship game, getting second. They played well and were worn out. We had to wait on the championship game for rain delays, and the game directly before us going into two overtimes and a shootout. It was a loooong game! Then we didn't get home until late. This week our younger daughter also had a game against a tough team. She got to play midfield instead of defense, which is normally her favorite position, but she really enjoyed it and is hoping to play again today in her game.

My oldest has had a few track meets since I posted last, trying all different races: the two mile, the one mile, the 800 and the 400. She got a PR (personal record) in the mile at 6:19. She was pleased and so were we! :) Faster than I could run! :)

We had another fire out back last night. It was a very windy evening, but the temps were right. We had a cold front and storms move through overnight and it will be chilly and dreary today. After lunch I'm going to go get 6 miles in, I hope, if the wind doesn't blow me away (or into exhaustion! :))

I haven't gotten caught up on grading yet. I'm not sure I will! :) But, I will try. Had to input grades for progress/interim reports on Thursday night and was up late doing so. Not sure if I've mentioned that I'm in this classroom until the end of the year, now. No prospects for full time employment in the fall, though.

We have tried some more of Jamie Oliver's recipes. All very good and none very time consuming. The girls picked out recipes from it to try next week. Now I have to shop for the food, though! :)

One last thing for today. Do you, regular readers, recall my goal not to buy scrapbook items for a year? I pledged to use what I had at home and nothing more. I haven't sat down and scrapbooked, due to the mounds of laundry and papers to grade, even though I'd really like to... but I subscribe to this blog and saw this wonderful paper. I'm about to cave. I love it all! But... am trying to resist.. for now... :) So, I'm posting about it. Send good vibes. I don't need to spend $ on supplies I'm not even using. There will be other cool stuff out there, when I get back to buying supplies again! :) (Right? ;))

Ok, that's all for now. I must go, eat lunch, do laundry, grade papers, etc... And Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms!! Hugs to you!

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Thimbleanna said...

Boy, those girls sure keep you buys! I do admire your strength to not buy more scrapbook paper -- I wish I could do the same with fabric. I always try to tell myself the same thing -- there will be more beautiful stuff later....but once in awhile later comes and you're kicking yourself because you can no longer get that one beautiful thing and it haunts you. If only we had a better way of knowing which items would languish in our piles and which we would end up missing.

I so admire your running. I've been working hard at it, but I feel like I'm not getting much of anywhere and I'm sore ALL the time. I'm getting too old for this stuff!!!