Saturday, March 06, 2010


Current sounds:
*Helicopter overhead
*Dogs barking at said helicopter
*Daughters taking turns playing piano-love that!
*Squirting cleaners as I clean the bathroom (fun fun... I have other things I'd like to be doing, but need to cross this off my list first.)
*Husband typing on his computer trying to solve a work issue
*Washer chugging along (too much in the load? I have mounds of it to do and catch up from the week.

Soon we'll hear birds chirping and kids playing outside as the snow begins to melt and spring approaches...


Molly said...

Hurry Spring, I say!

Thimbleanna said...

I'm with Molly! I love the snow -- but I love spring too. I hope the helicopter wasn't up there in search of America's Most Wanted or something LOL!

Kendra said...

I've looked all around your blog and your profile many times trying to find an email address so I could tell you thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. I couldn't go without telling you again so I'll just leave it right here even though it has nothing to do with your entry! Thank you!

Isabelle said...

Hello! Nice to see you back.