Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long Time

It's been a long time between posts, again. I've been subbing between 3 and 5 days per week every week. When I found out I wasn't going to have a full time job this fall, I thought I would have "some time off"... I even made a list of "things to do this fall". I haven't gotten to that list. It is entirely possible that I will work all the way Thanksgiving, as well.

Today was the marathon that was my goal this year. I think I set it in early 2009. Since having the stress fracture, however, I was unable to run in it. It's been about 15 weeks since I had to stop running. I have been running slowly, but surely, three times a week. The last few Saturdays I got in four miles, too. A few of those runs per week, have been with my husband. We talk about our day and vent our minor frustrations, enjoy the exercise. Today we tackled 5 miles. We actually went down to cheer on our runner friends at the marathon, and then were inspired to get a "long" run in, too. :) It was nowhere near that marathon distance... and all that rethinking I did about wanting to be a marathoner since the fracture disappeared, went away when I viewed those hard working runners. This was the first time I was at the marathon as a spectator. It think I bored my entire family with my "insight" into the feelings of the runners. In April I will be 35, a baby, I know ;), but halfway between 30 and 40, and I'm thinking of trying my third marathon... We'll see.

I watched both of our daughters compete yesterday, our youngest played soccer and then we headed to our oldest daughter's high school league cross country running meet. They both worked hard and ended the days with smiles. :) I was very proud of them-and VERY cold! It was a very windy and cold day, here, although there wasn't any snow, luckily. :)

I haven't gotten any scrapbooking in. Once I get home from being gone all day and make dinner, there's housework or laundry to do, that is more pressing. Then, when I can sit down, I'm too tired to create. I need to work on that. :) I truly enjoy being creative, preserving our families memories, so I need to add that to my "to-do" list. :)

I have been enjoying the football on tv-I love this season. :) I have also enjoyed my mac, which was a gift from my husband. I like it so much better than my old pcs.

I have cut back on coffee-I was doing well at first. I decided if another marathon was in my future, I would cut back. I went Mon-Thurs with no coffee, but then broke down grabbing a few Fri-today. I also gave up wine Mon-Wed, but also caved in... I'm working on healthier habits! Evening snacking is a big problem for me, after our kids go to bed.

I hope all of you are well, resisting any kinds of flu! So far, we've been clear, here, but I am in contact with so many kids... I hope I can resist it all winter!! :)


Molly said...

I thought I'd already commented here! Dropped that ball obviously.....How would you like to meet up when i come to Columbus next month [14th. to 21st.] I guess it'll be too late for apple picking but we could get together somewhere for a cup of coffee ~ if you'd allow yourself one cup!

Juls said...

You'll get there. Glad you and your hubby are able to share in some of your runs. I bet that is nice.

Thimbleanna said...

I feel your pain on cutting back on certain drinks. I was doing pretty well last winter with the diet pepsi habit, but I slipped back into old habits during the summer. You also cracked me up with your comment about being 35. I remember when I turned 35 (shocking, I know) I said the same I'm half way to 40 and someone looked at me, laughed and said, No, you're half way to 70. Just thought I'd pass that along LOL!