Monday, March 26, 2007


I love to read. I love to read to myself, my children, and students. Actually, the husband, too. I love books. I just finished another round of adding to library thing. Both of my daughters organized their book shelves, this past weekend. In doing so, they found books they were "too old for" or just didn't want on their shelves anymore. Our oldest was running out of shelf room. They gave me their removed books, and I went through them. They're like me in the fact that they don't want the books thrown away, just moved off their shelves for later perusing. :) So, I cataloged the books that I could use in a future classroom on library thing. When I say use in a future classroom, I mean to read to the students related to a particular subject, or to set about a room for their perusal. If it's autumn, then I will do both: read to the students from autumn books, have lessons related to those books and have them about the room to look at when they're finished with their work.
I had a fun time going through books that have been favorites of both my children's and mine over the years.

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