Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pomegranates, Germs, Ebay

Our youngest daughter, on a recent trip to the grocery, talked me into buying pomegranates. She'd tried one last year at school, remembered that she liked it (although that was all she remembered) and thought we should get some. Well, I researched just a bit about them (finding some info here: ) and we had them with our dinner tonight. I did find out that they are great for your immune system! Which is wonderful for me, the substitute teacher. Teachers are always around lots of germs, kids who don't wash hands a lot, leaving germs everywhere, but subs are exposed to infinitely more, possibly seeing many different children every week. So, these immune boosting seeds are a little blessing. Thankfully, I'm not a germaphobe and don't think of these germs too often, even declining to get a flu shot (risk taker? Nah, just knocking on wood right now... :)) Anyway, I didn't see anything about side effects from eating too many seeds...hmmm. :)
I have also been shopping a bit on ebay, looking for hard to find items for stocking stuffers for parents and in-laws. It's been fun and I haven't gone too overboard. I did receive an item that one of them already had, so I'm trying my hand at selling on ebay...however interest in my item is low...
I'm up to my ears in Christmas cards I still have to do; as you know if you've read the blog or know me, I like snail mail and often handwrite letters...well, you guessed it, I also handwrite all 100 Christmas cards. I also have about a third of my (our) shopping to do for the upcoming holiday, although all I've bought has been wrapped, thus far. You readers know I need to inform in my blog entries: so here is how to write a Christmas letter (although I don't usually do this...)
Or some other Christmas card info:
And how to wrap a present neatly:
and how to wrap a present uniquely:
Our first forum at church, a short presentation followed by question and answer session was Sunday night and we had a nice turnout. It was a bit nerve wracking at first, and I take it so personally, that I was steaming a few times, but it all worked itself out, with almost everyone leaving with a positive feeling. We have another of these forums this coming Saturday morning, an open house that afternoon and the final vote on Sunday eve.


Christy said...

Jason and I are terrible about being frugal. It's good though because if we weren't like that with every day stuff, we wouldn't be able to splurge on the things we want.

I'm a sucker for good shoes though. I figure, I could go out and spend $30 a year on an ok pair of shoes that will wear out or I can spend $80 on a pair that will last me 4 years.

We'll be a one income family here in another few months. Wish me luck...

Isabelle said...

Hi - I'm happy to let you know about the sitemeter, but I'll have to get my daughter to tell you since she installed it for me. It tells you who's been visiting - well, the numbers of people, where they are, how long they spent looking, and so on. Very interesting and yet another way to waste time at the computer! They send you an email, and then you click on the ... do I mean the web address? in the email and lots of other info. comes up for you to click on.

Thanks for your kind words! I enjoy your blog too.