Thursday, October 05, 2006

It's been over a month!

I was posting regularly and then I got caught up with...well, life. :) My girls were involved in soccer more heavily, my husband went to Arizona on a business trip. I began substitute teaching 4 out of 5 days per week and our youngest daughter turned 8 this month! We have been busy on a boating trip with friends, heading to my home state for a family baby shower, and my family has been to visit us recently, as well. We also went to my home state to visit my brother and his wife, and their first, new baby. She is adorable, with a ton of hair. She's very strong already, going to give my brother a run, for sure!
I also haven't blogged due to the fact that, while my techie husband was out of town, my laptop crashed and something happened to my connection. This lack of connectivity caused me to "fiddle" with things I shouldn't have been and ended up causing some of our equipment to smoke. Literally smoking, burning plastic. I found a way, with the help of a techie friend, to work around the burned connection and get back online until my husband got home...and we went to buy new equipment. I also got a new laptop. Hopefully it will last me a while...
I was having trouble deciding on what to inform about in this blog. I had big plans for today's blog...but then I accepted a substitute teaching job in a music class today. So, the blog is relatively short.
Promise not to wait so long before I write again!

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