Saturday, March 18, 2006


Well, it's been ages since I wrote last. I have been to busy to "inform" anyone. :) I substitute taught 5 1/2 of the last 6 days, compounded with the girls' activities, my church circle's annual "all daughter dinner" and a quick visit back home. We went up to visit the family and take food to my parents.
Today we went on a family walk. It was beautifully sunny, however a bit on the frigid side. The dogs were so excited when we got the leash out; they love walks! I have inherited my second dog as my sis in law could nolonger keep him. He's a beagle. Barks a lot, but loves to snuggle, and he's small. His name is Percy and we've had him since December.
My dog that I've had since June 2000, is Merlin. He's an 80 pound weimaraner. He's a "mama's dog". Some mornings he won't even get out of his bed when my husband comes down for work, he bolts up when he hears me get out of bed. Here you will see a photo of a weim.
Weims are high energy. Merlin just slowed down from "puppy behavior" in the last year or so. And he was born April of 2000. He's a bundle of strength and pep, but he is great with my daughters. He is very protective of us girls and does not like salesmen who appear at my door. :)
He is very gentle with my children and learned commands wonderfully, however, his first year with us was a challenge. Neither my husband nor I had ever really had indoor dogs, so this dominant guy was an adventure, but we stuck it out and he is a wonderful dog. He loves to run with me and play with the girls, to be touching me all the time that I'm home-he has not liked that I've been gone all day subbing!
Here is a weim club of America website for further info,
although some of these characteristics do not fit my boy at all. :) He's a spoiled guy, that's for sure, but extremely smart and loves his family. That's all I have time for, for now.
Hoepfully I'll get time to write more soon!


Isabelle said...

Welcome back! Ah, you're a teacher. Hence the need to convey information.

jkhenson said...

A teacher and a mom-I need to give everyone information. :)Now what to inform people of... :)

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